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Top 8 Fun Facts About The Trucking Industry

You might be able to rattle off responses like “far from home, little sleep, heavy loads, big rigs, lots of waiting, gas stops, and rest stops” when asked about your driving career and all that it entails. However, you should be proud of yourself because the freight industry is so much more than that.

First Tractor Invented

The first tractor was made In 1914, a German-American blacksmith by the name of Charles Freuhauf created the first tractor trailer. He required a means of moving his boat.

Truck Driving Opportunities

In the United States alone, 8.9 million individuals work in the trucking sector, with 3.5 million of them being truck drivers.

Growing Trucking Industry

The transportation business is booming, with a projected 21 percent increase by 2022. Because this is a multibillion-dollar market, it is well worth serious consideration as a solid profession for anyone looking for a new challenge and job security.

truck driver driving truck

Women In Trucking

Only 6% (or 234,000) of truck drivers are women. When we think of truck drivers, we rarely think of women. But these strong women are embracing the new family dynamics that the epidemic has presented to us all and have taken up jobs to keep their families and America going!

Time To Fuel Up

The trucking business in the United States employs around 15.5 million people, and the average commercial truck consumes 20,500 gallons of fuel each year.

Greener Solution

Because of clean diesel technology, 60 modern-day trucks emit the same amount of pollution as a single truck from 1988, and emissions from heavy trucks have been reduced by more than 95% in the last two decades as a result of EPA rules. Thank you very much, science. We can all take a deep breath now!

Million Of Truckers

In the United States, there are almost 16 million operational trucks and over 3.5 million truck drivers. This suggests that if the vehicles were piled high enough, they would reach the moon.

Away From Home

Every year, truck drivers spend more than 240 nights away from home. Small company truckers travel more than 3 million miles in their lifetime, which equates to more than 115,000 miles per year on average.

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