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The Essentials Of Dropping A Loaded Tanker Trailer for Truckers

Although we think it’s dangerous to drop a loaded tanker trailer, your trucking company might still want you to do it.

Tanker firms frequently select drivers who are more composed, knowledgeable, and talented since they cannot afford to make mistakes.

Safety demands that you move away from a trailer that has fallen.

So if you want to prevent accidents or learn how to be extra safe while on the road, this post is for you!

Why It’s Dangerous To Drop A Loaded Tanker Trailer?

Because most tankers lack a sub-frame, tanker trailers aren’t designed to be dumped loaded. To fit as much payload as feasible onto the trailer, the majority of businesses aim for the trailer to be as light as possible.

A frame and cross members are present on freight boxes and reefer trailers, helping to evenly distribute the weight along the length and width of the trailer.

This subframe to disperse the weight is absent from tankers. As a result, the landing gear is bearing the entire weight.

Furthermore, because it is only designed to hold an empty trailer, the landing gear is typically specified as being light. The corporation does this to increase tare weight. The landing gear itself is not designed to accommodate a heavy trailer at that location.

An example of a trucker safely dropping a loaded tanker trailer

A trucker was dropping his loaded tanker, as per instructions. After unhooking the trailer, he slowly and gradually pulled out from underneath his loaded tanker truck.

The driver, watching in his mirror as he pulled out, with his window down, was able to see and hear what was happening to the trailer and stopped.  One of the legs on the landing gear had broken and buckled.

What May Have Occurred If The Truck Driver Hadn’t Been Cautious?

If this happens, it means one thing – a lot of room for harm.

On its way down, the tanker would have collided with the trailer next to it. The tanker would have continued to nose dive to the left, possibly tumbling on its side, after damaging the other trailer.

A catastrophe would have occurred if the trailer had punctured and begun to spew product.

A trucker dropping a heavy tanker trailer safely, as an example.

As directed, a trucker was lowering his laden tanker. 

He unhooked the trailer and then backed out from under his laden tanker truck.

With his window down, the driver could see and hear what was happening to the trailer as he drew away, and he stopped when he realized what was going on. 

There was a broken and buckled leg on the landing gear.

truck accident on the road

Being Cautious Helps Avoid Disaster

The driver’s prompt response averted an environmental catastrophe caused by the leaky load, damage to the tanker and the adjacent trailer, and the expense of a costly clean-up, wrecker’s bills, insurance claims, and potential lawsuits from the neighbors.

When unhooking improperly, harm can occasionally be as minor as cutting off an air connection that was forgotten, but other times, taking extra care and caution might practically prevent thousands of dollars in damages.

When dropping a loaded tanker trailer, there are three things that every trucker should keep in mind.

  • Once the landing gear is down, steadily advance the vehicle until the trailer decouples from the kingpin and lands on the ground from behind the frame rails.
  • More of the trailer’s weight will be able to rest on the landing gear if the tractor air is dumped.
  • Before pushing forward and completely out from beneath the trailer after letting the air out, make sure the trailer kingpin will clear any tractor cross members.

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