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2023’s Top 5 GPS For Truck Drivers

A standard GPS (Global Positioning System) for cars or smartphones is fine, but you could frequently get lost on unfamiliar routes.

Contrarily, truck GPS is explicitly created to prioritize trucking routes and help truckers plan a long-distance trip. But what is the best GPS for truckers to use in their travel? Below we will discuss that.

This article will give you the top 5 GPS for truck drivers. So be ready to learn essential details about the best GPS for truckers this year.

What Is The Best GPS For Truckers?

Here are the 2023’s top 5 GPS for truck drivers:

1. Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S

The Garmin dezl 580 LMT-S is a premium trucker GPS with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, voice control, and a 32 GB memory card slot. 

The unique truck routing system, which picks the best route based on vehicle weight and size, makes it stand out. 

The built-in Wi-Fi provides a free lifetime map plus traffic updates. It also logs service history and connects to a backup camera.

2. SIXGO 9-inch HD Touchscreen Truck GPS

This GPS for truckers also has a USB interface, a headset plug-in connector, and a 32-GB memory card slot. As a truck GPS, you may tailor your route by entering your vehicle’s length, weight, and height. GPS maps may be used offline, unlike smartphones. 

The GPS voice assistant may alert you to red lights, speed restriction zones, high-speed cameras, petrol stations, truck services, and sites of interest.

Wireless smartphone compatibility is unavailable. USB allows smartphone-to-GPS file transfer. If you don’t mind a lesser-known brand, this truck GPS works.

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3. Rand McNally TND 740

This GPS for truckers can organize a journey to the last detail. The GPS will compute two routes—fastest and alternate—when you enter your following location’s address or coordinates.

The GPS calculates routes and estimates fuel costs based on your truck’s MPG. The Rand McNally TND 740 lists travel centers, truck services, parking, CAT scales, and weight/border stations along your route.

4. TomTom Trucker 620 GPS Navigation

You can use Siri and Google Now to make hands-free calls and give voice instructions with this TomTom Trucker 620 GPS Navigation device. The GPS unit has a magnetic windshield mount on the back. Install it where it won’t distract drivers. 

The GPS doesn’t need an internet connection because it’s pre-loaded with the latest US and Canadian maps. Map updates require Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, the battery only lasts an hour. To avoid low battery, you must constantly charge it.

5. Garmin dezl 770LMTHD

The Garmin dezl 770LMTHD has a 7-inch HD touchscreen, a memory card slot, backup camera compatibility, and an audio line-out connector for external speakers.

The screen is frequently split into two parts: an overhead map view and a closer 3D view that reveals which lane to follow for precision. Real-time weather and traffic updates require a smartphone.

Why Would You Need A Truck GPS?

Here are the things why GPS for truckers is essential:

  • For legal reasons
  • Prioritize the truck routes
  • Record truck reports
  • Access to truck services
  • Traffic and weather alerts
  • Navigation without an Internet connection

These are just some of the GPS we can recommend to truck drivers. If you have other suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.